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The Other Side…

I like tunnels. Or at least the perception of tunnels. The pattern that is created by looking THROUGH things…like the triangles at the park. I don’t know what the appeal is. Maybe it’s the other side. Or setting goals.

Image © Copyright 2009, Barrett Photo Art

I just enjoy the pattern created by some things. I mean looking under this bridge makes me want to skip a rock or just sit and watch the water reflect off the bottom.

Image © Copyright 2009, Barrett Photo Art

And finally the hallway at the state capital in Austin, Texas. Another example of lining things up I suppose.

Capital Hall
Image © Copyright 2009, Barrett Photo Art

That last photograph may be hard to see. I’ll keep at it. – I’m learning more every day. (Like I need a new lens *wink* *hint*)

Peace, Love, and the Other Side,


Texas Drought…

Well they’ve announced that here in Georgetown Texas we are now under water restrictions. I was wondering when they were going to do that because I’ve enjoyed taking pictures in San Gabriel Park.

San Gabriel Water
Image Copyright © 2009 Barrett Photo Art

The above photo was taken just this last June 2009. And here is near the same location today

San Gabriel No Water
Image Copyright © 2009 Barrett Photo Art

I’ve Seen Geese hiking the river bed in search of a “swimming hole”.

Goose Hike
Image Copyright © 2009 Barrett Photo Art

San Gabriel Water
Image Copyright © 2009 Barrett Photo Art

I sure do miss the river.   Maybe it’s because of the construction up and downstream? Guess I’ll have to investigate.

Peace, Love, and Swim for It,


Within 10 Meters…

I truly love digital photography and one of my secrets is that I frequent the website of the Digital Photography School. Today I noticed a link (that they call challenges) entitled “within 10 meters” – meaning that there is a photograph within 10 meters of you right this moment that is ready to be taken.

Well, here is the photo I took.  It won’t win any prizes but there is something about it I like but I haven’t figured it out yet.

10 MetersImage Copyright © Barrett Photo Art

I think everyone should try this and I hope you enjoy my little ‘blahg’.

Don’t forget to check out the Digital Photography school website because there is an absolute WEALTH of information and inspiration there.

Peace, Love, and Look Around,


Grasshopper Ham…

Watering the plants the other day I happened to get this grasshopper wet. Well, I thought he was an interesting color so I went inside and grabbed my camera and thought I’d take a couple of photographs of him.

Image Copyright © Barrett Photo Art
Image Copyright © Barrett Photo Art

After looking closer at the photographs I swear the little bugger was smiling for the camera.

Image Copyright © Barrett Photo Art
Image Copyright © Barrett Photo Art

The look on the grasshopper’s face seemed to say;
“Kiss Me! The Frog Was Lyin’!”

Image Copyright © Barrett Photo Art
Image Copyright © Barrett Photo Art

Well – I’m off to take more photographs. (Actually I’m job hunting but I always take my camera).

Peace, Love, and SMILE!


Read The Sign…

The drought is still on and it’s still hot in Texas. Swimmers enjoy Barton Springs in the heat of the day.

No Swimming AlmostImage Copyright © Barrett Photo Art

I love Texas.
Peace, Love, and Stay Cool and Safe,


Barrett Photo Art Open…

I have finally been able to get Barrett Photo Art up and running with my best photography displayed. Come see a slideshow or browse the galleries at . The photos are also for sale in many resolutions.

I’m also available for special requests or custom photography work. Thank you for stopping by and looking around.

Peace, Love, and Art Show,


Georgetown Fine Dining…

Georgetown Texas has a multi-award winning restaraunt on Austin Avenue. Silver & Stone was given an Award of Excellence for their wine list by Wine Spectator magazine.Silver & Stone  is a family owned and operated restaurant headed up by Chef James Ramsey and Manager Corey Bailey. I can’t really say enough about this wonderful place. The atmosphere, the food, the people – the VIEW -it’s fantastic!

Image Copyright © Barrett Photo Art Image Copyright © Barrett Photo Art

Silver & Stone has won national awards and features the best cuisine in Central Texas.  It is the perfect place for a romantic evening.

Chef James Ramsey
Chef James Ramsey at work preparing Bananas Foster!.

You can visit their website at and see all that is happening at Georgetown’s finest dining establishment.

Silver & Stone has special events, and upcoming cooking classes that will make your mouth water.  Music is also being added to the list of perfect reasons to get out of the house and have a good time with a great meal.

Manager Corey Bailey
Image Copyright © Barrett Photo Art
Manager Corey Bailey who graciously paused long enough to allow me to snap this photo.

You absolutely MUST visit Silver & Stone and experience it for yourself – The top of the Tamiro Plaza building on Austin Ave near downtown.

Peace, Love, and Flambe!,

sig2P.S. Don’t forget folks: Visit website or just go on over there and have the finest wine and finest dining experience you ever had.

All is Quiet…

It’s the end of the day. The floors are swept. The lights turned out. All have left. The streets fall silent as the night takes over. It’s time to sleep now.

Night SilenceImage Copyright © Barrett Photo Art

The quiet is nice at the end of a long day. The bench sits quietly waiting for morning when the customers will come and chat and people-watch and await their turn at the City Barber Shop in Georgetown, Texas.

Peace, Love, and Time for Bed,


Living Color…

I didn’t want anyone to think that I made ALL of my photographs look antique. Though I do like the style and I love old things and antiques and yesteryear. It reminds me of my grandparents whom I was very close.

But, I thought I would post my favorite photograph – in color – unedited (except for size) just to add some color to the site.

Dinner Time BeeImage Copyright © 2009, Barrett Photo Art, All Rights Reserved

It is my favorite, though I take new favorites all of the time.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Enjoy!

Peace, Love, and Art,


Georgetown Texas…

I live in Georgetown, Texas North of Austin. I worked in Austin and commuted 47 miles to work.

I count that as a blessing as now I have the opportunity to find work in the town I love and live in.

Georgetown CourthouseImage Copyright © Barrett Photo Art

They have a wonderful downtown square that is very active! Restaraunts, shops, boutiques, and an active theater that puts on fantastic plays! It has been so long since I’ve seen a live play and it’s quite an experience to watch.

Palace TheaterImage Copyright © Barrett Photo Art

Georgetown WineryImage Copyright © Barrett Photo Art

The Winery is wonderful!

Also the Rough and Ready Antique Store is FULL of treasure.

Georgetown AntiquesImage Copyright ©Barrett Photo Art

Every Friday night the Downtown Georgetown Association hosts “Georgetown Music on the Square” where live music is performed by various local artists.

Music on the Square

There is also a Street Dance on the square which is held on the First Friday of the month. August 7th will be the last Street Dance so ya’ll need to come!

Georgetown SquareImage Copyright © Barrett Photo Art

Please visit the Downtown Georgetown Association Website and learn more about this wonderful place I live in! Downtown Georgetown Association

Come and spend a quiet day on the Square. The quality of the restaraunts and shops will amaze you and the wonderful people here will make you smile and never want to leave.

Walk Along the SquareImage Copyright © Barrett Photo Art

Peace, Love, and Small Town Texas,


Austin Bats…

I think it’s rather unique to have a million bats fly out from under a bridge every night at sunset. Not to mention the amount of bugs they eat. It’s like the sunset party in Key West, FL watching the sun go down. In Austin, Texas – they watch the sun go down AND the bats come out! Beautiful!

Bat BridgeImage Copyright © Barrett Photo Art

So all these bats come flying out of this bridge right at sunset and the people line the bridge to watch. It’s great!

Austin is very beautiful at night – I guess I like the city after all, though I do miss the country alot.

Bat Bridge 2Image Copyright © Barrett Photo Art

Austin NightImage Copyright © Barrett Photo Art

One last shot of the bats and I have to attend to the business of finding a job.

Bats BridgeImage Copyright © Barrett Photo Art

Peace, Love, and Guano,


Lockhart Texas…

This is the prettiest Courthouse I think I’ve ever seen! Just thought I’d share it with you.  This the courthouse in Lockhart, Texas – East of San Marcos on Highway 183. Enjoy!

Lockhart Texas CourthouseImage Copyright © 2009, Barrett Photo Art, All Rights Reserved

Peace, Love, and the Law,


Birds and Bees…

I love taking photographs of animals – birds, bees, bugs, and you’ll see quite a few of them here once I get started. In the meantime, Enjoy.

Please feel free to visit the original blog (that I may try to import over here(?) at

HummingbirdImage Copyright © Barrett Photo Art

I guess the best quote I ever heard as it pertains to photography is:
“Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.”- David Alan Harvey”.

I couldn’t have said it better because I was very happy when this hummingbird came along. And even happier when I saw that my trusty camera stopped his little wings.

Peace, Love, and Birds & Bees,