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Georgetown Texas has a multi-award winning restaraunt on Austin Avenue. Silver & Stone was given an Award of Excellence for their wine list by Wine Spectator magazine.Silver & Stone  is a family owned and operated restaurant headed up by Chef James Ramsey and Manager Corey Bailey. I can’t really say enough about this wonderful place. The atmosphere, the food, the people – the VIEW -it’s fantastic!

Image Copyright © Barrett Photo Art Image Copyright © Barrett Photo Art

Silver & Stone has won national awards and features the best cuisine in Central Texas.  It is the perfect place for a romantic evening.

Chef James Ramsey
Chef James Ramsey at work preparing Bananas Foster!.

You can visit their website at and see all that is happening at Georgetown’s finest dining establishment.

Silver & Stone has special events, and upcoming cooking classes that will make your mouth water.  Music is also being added to the list of perfect reasons to get out of the house and have a good time with a great meal.

Manager Corey Bailey
Image Copyright © Barrett Photo Art
Manager Corey Bailey who graciously paused long enough to allow me to snap this photo.

You absolutely MUST visit Silver & Stone and experience it for yourself – The top of the Tamiro Plaza building on Austin Ave near downtown.

Peace, Love, and Flambe!,

sig2P.S. Don’t forget folks: Visit website or just go on over there and have the finest wine and finest dining experience you ever had.

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