Irons in the Fire…

Seems these days I have alot of Irons in the Fire. So much so that I look at the lists of what I NEED to do; What I would LIKE to do; What I HAVE to do, and wonder where to start.

I haven’t updated the “Blahg” in awhile due to job hunting and stressing. Other than that I’ve managed a blurb or two on Facebook or a Tweet here and there on Twitter .

So, Just how many social networking sites can one belong to? I dabble and test them all I suppose.

I do have a favorite blog I like to keep up with and that is the blog of Cricket Walker. There is a lot of life there as well as a lot of WONDERFUL photography. It’s like a very beautiful illustrated book, which is what a good blog should be, I think.

So head over to Cricket Walker’s Blog and relax and enjoy a good read. There are alot of good posts as well as links to wonderful tips and sites you should investigate.

Peace, Love, and Happy Blogging,

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