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I love dragonflies. There are so many varieties and they are so photogenic. They also eat alot of mosquitos.

Dragonflower © 2009 Robert Barrett
Image Copyright © 2009, Barrett Photo Art

There are 5,000 different species of Dragonfly (Odonata)  with 450 different species in North America and a good website to visit regarding dragonflies would be the Digital Dragonfly Museum

Green Dragonfly © 2009 Robert Barrett
Image Copyright © 2009, Barrett Photo Art

Dragonflies and damselflies are fun to watch (If you like bugs I guess) and I know people who collect them. I mean, some folks have everything cat everywhere and some collect everything elephant – and some collect dragonflies.  Pictures, coffee mugs, placemats, T-shirts.  Interesting decorating idea.

Me? I take photographs of everything so I guess I’ll move on down the trail and see what I can see.

Peace, Love, and Happy Hiking,


The Beaten Path…

I love hiking. One of these days I think I’ll go off the beaten path to see what I can find. Maybe that’ll shake the mood I’m in.

The Beaten Path © 2009, Barrett Photo Art

I really do hope things start to look up with the economy and all. I’m really dying to get a pilot’s license. That is one goal I have set for myself. The other one being getting an aircraft that is open air like this one so I can feel the breeze on my face. How cool would that be?

Open Air

Peace, Love, and Fields of Dreams,


Aluminum Overcast…

I love living near our municipal airport here in Georgetown, Texas. I get to see some interesting sights. Actually, interesting aircraft.

Aluminum Overcast © 2009, Barrett Photo Art
Image Copyright © 2009, Barrett Photo Art

I have become a fan of Aluminum Overcast. A flying piece of history in the form of a B-17G with four 1,200 hp radial engines that sounds like a thousand Harley Davidson’s thundering down the road when she flies over.

Image Copyright © 2009, Barrett Photo Art

You can actually take a flight on this wonderful piece of history or you can take a tour of the aircraft. The most information can be found at the official website

Aluminum Overcast Tour © 2009, Robert Barrett 
Image Copyright © 2009, Barrett Photo Art

Check out their website and appearance schedule and take a flight on a piece of history. Learn what it was like for the men of WWII. Quite an awe inspiring experience. I have other photographs on my facebook page as well (Aircraft Photos).Thank you for stopping by and God Bless.

Peace, Love, and Happy Flying,



God Bless the people that serve our country. God Bless the fallen, and families of the fallen, at Fort Hood. God Bless the veterans who have seen and felt too much – and those that have bled and carry the scars of our country for the rest of their days for the sake of our freedom.

Aluminum Overcast © 2008 Robert Barrett

God bless the wives and children that wait for their husbands and fathers to come home for they also serve.

To all of the veterans that protect our freedom. Thank you and God Bless.

Peace, Love, and Honor a Vet,


Happy Veterans Day….

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Veterans Day. Thank you to all who are serving around the world and who have served in the past.

I wanted to share my friends blog with you who is an excellent photographer and friend. Please visit the blog of Cricket Walker for some excellent photographs for veterans.

Peace, Love, and Happy Veterans Day,


River, Like Life…

I love water. Reflections. Watching it flow. Hearing it trickle, or even roar.

River Like Life © 2009Image Copyright © 2009, Barrett Photo Art

Rivers are like life. Flowing smoothly reflecting everything around it. Enjoying the sunshine and good times.

Then it flows faster and the next thing you know you’ve fallen on hard times. Unemployment. Bill Collectors. And haveing to explain to little Bobby why he can’t have that $60.00 XBox game and that Christmas is going to be thin this year.

River Like Life 3 © 2009 
Image Copyright © 2009, Barrett Photo Art

Well, there are smoother times ahead. Another job. Things will be caught up and you’ll move ahead in to better opportunities.

Peace, Love, and Moving On,