Takamine Time…

I’ve been so busy with work and fixing things, not to mention blogging, that I haven’t really paid much attention to my guitar.

© copyright 2011, Robert D. Barrett

I like accoustic music. Anything that I can play along with (Yes, I started with Stairway to Heaven and worked up to Dust in the Wind). I just like to play.

© copyright 2011, Robert D. Barrett

I have a Takamine Steve Wariner Limited Edition (Autographed and numbered 215 by Steve Wariner). I swear I could leave this guitar in the case for a year and pull it out and it will still be in tune. – The best guitar I’ve ever owned. It was good to take it out and tinker a bit.

Peace, Love, and Picking,


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  1. Karen Clark says:

    I have a Takamine, too! I agree, it stays in tune on its own! I love it though I don’t play much any more. Trying to get the kids into it.

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