Talking Animals…

Have you ever imagined animals talking to you or is it just me? Alright, I’m going out on a limb here. I’ve been thinking all day “what am I going to blog about for this challenge?” I have all this work to do and then I have to get gas and have all these things to do after work.

So I’m sitting there in my truck this morning – and then I look out my window and there is this bird sitting on the curb staring up at me.

© copyright 2011, Robert D. Barrett

So I eased my camera over to my eye and snapped his picture. He didn’t blink – just sat there. And I could swear he said “So. You think you can just come along and park on my food and expect me to be all happy about it? I’m just sitting here with my stale McDonald’s french fry and YOU decided you had to have THIS parking space and darn near killed me mid bite”.

That must have been what he was trying to tell me. Because at lunch I come out and…

©  copyright 2011, Robert D. Barrett

Well, I found his friends expressing themselves on top of my truck.

So there you have it. All because I didn’t listen or was too busy worrying about MY life to apologize to the little fella I got my truck pooped on. I guess that’ll show me, eh?

I plan to donate my fries to him and all his friends tomorrow. Sort of throw an “I apologize” party and learn to pay closer attention to what’s going on around me.

Well. I’m off to bed now. Big party tomorrow, you know.

Peace, Love, and Feed the Birds,


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4 Responses to Talking Animals…

  1. sidney says:

    Oh Bob, you always make me smile!! Love you outlook!

  2. Laura says:

    You made me laugh, in fact I’m still smiling. Hope you have a terrific day!

  3. Snerdey says:

    LOL .. OMG that was a great read and I laughed out loud! Been a long time since someone’s blog made that happen.

    Good job!

  4. Bob-O says:

    Thank you! It makes me feel good that I’ve made someone smile today. I think I’ll keep this up!

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