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In Honor of Dad…

My father's service to our country

My father touched alot of people and was very active in the community. In honor of my father Senior Adult Services  has renamed their golf tournament this year to the Bob Barrett Memorial Golf Tournament.  If you’re in the Dallas/Fort Worth area check out the Bob Barrett Memorial Golf Tournament on June 25, 2012.

Bob Barrett Memorial Golf Tournament 2012

The tournament is going to be at the Brookhaven Country Club June 25, 2012 and starts at 10:00.a.m. and lasts until 4:00 p.m. – That’s an honor. You can click on the picture and go to the brochure and enter, sponsor, join, and learn more about Senior Adult Services.

Peace, Love, and FORE!,




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In Loving Memory…

Robert L Barrett, © copyright 2012, Robert D Barrett

I just wanted to remember my father, Robert L. Barrett, who passed away this last week. He was 87 and a hero.
He said he wasn’t a hero – but he was indeed a hero both in World War II and becoming my Dad.
I won’t bore you with all of the details but he adopted me – gave me his last name. Helped make me who I am today. He gave me more than anyone could really ask or hope for – and that was his love and respect and I have to tell you that is not an easy thing to do – to love someone as your son, even when you mess up.
Robert L Barrett - 1924-2012
There are some things that have been unsaid between us – but I think he knows. I loved him. I respect him. I only wish I had the opportunity to take his photograph in his uniform before his passing. I also wish I had had the opportunity to tell him how much he has meant to me. That even though I griped when he told me I had to stay home and help him fix the car I secretly didn’t mind — He taught me how to work on cars and fix things. Which is why he wasn’t terribly upset when I took my tape deck completely apart (though my mother was very angry) because he knew I probably could get it back together — which I did (for the most part).

My father's service to our country

He had contracted throat cancer from many years of smoking – he loved golf and football. He loved Judy Garland and Barbara Streisand. He loved us boys. We had a rough time, as some families do. I forgive him and hope he knows that. He had an awesome responsibility and there were times we didn’t make it easy.

Above all things that make him great to me is he was Fair. He listened to me when others wouldn’t. He taught me respect. He gave me the benefit of the doubt which caused some problems now and then but when he made a decision he stuck by it.

I just wanted to say I love you, Dad —

I pray that eternity will be good to you for all you’ve given me. I’ll miss you. I love you. You belong to God, now.

With all my Love,
Your Son,

Colonel Robert Lee Barrett, USAF (Ret)


I just wanted to add a few more photographs to remember my dad by. His funeral was with full honors being wounded twice on D-Day and achieving so much in his military career.

Robert L Barrett, © copyright 2012, Robert D Barrett

He never shared his D-Day story until recently – I may add some of it here someday.

Robert L Barrett, © copyright 2012, Robert D Barrett

Robert L Barrett, © copyright 2012, Robert D Barrett

Dad, you have quite an extended family. We all love you and thank you for all you’ve done for us. Hope to see you in Heaven because we still owe each other a round of golf.

Peace, Love, and Blessings,