Georgetown War bird Weekend 2019

On August 4th 2019 the Georgetown Texas Municipal Airport (KGTU) hosted the Georgetown War Bird Weekend where the locally based WWII Bomber PBJ/B-25 “Devil Dog” and the B-17 “Texas Raiders” hosted tours and rides of the two aircraft of the Commemorative Air Force. Pilots and veterans were on hand to provide information, history, and sell souvenirs that keep these historic aircraft flying!
I had such a great time I just had to post a few photographs of the memorable event!.

“Devil Dog” – A Marine Corps version of the WWII B-25 (PBJ)
“Texas Raiders” – B-17 of the CAF (Commemorative Air Force)
How would you like to have an office like this? Inside the “Texas Raiders” B-17
View of “Devil Dog” from the cockpit of “Texas Raiders”
I can almost here “40’s” music
It was such a thrill and an honor to view these two historic aircraft.
I really love my house near our small airport. History flies over our home!
More history flying over our home!
Watching as “Texas Raiders” takes off on a tour flight!
Returning. I’d give my eye teeth to have the nose seat on a tour ride!
One VERY happy customer!
Skilled Pilot
You don’t see these flying overhead much anymore!
I lover our town, Georgetown, Texas – and our Airport (KGTU)!

It does cost a bit to take a ride on these historic aircraft but worth every single penny! They also have T-shirts, Bullets, coins, hats, and other souvenirs that help support and maintain these pieces of flying history. I’m so fortunate to live near this airport and the home of “Devil Dog”. I’m a huge fan! Another tidbit is that one of the pilots, Beth Ann Jenkins, is the ONLY woman certified to fly a B-25. My hat and heart goes out to all the volunteers that maintain and preserve these incredible bits of flying history!
Peace, Love , and Honor to those who serve!

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