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Long Time No Blahg…

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything or ‘blahged”.  I guess life caught up with me and I was stuck in the endless chain of work, sleep, pay bills, work , sleep, pay bills. I still take photos every chance I get and recently got a great deal on a short flight on […]

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In Loving Memory…

I just wanted to remember my father, Robert L. Barrett, who passed away this last week. He was 87 and a hero. He said he wasn’t a hero – but he was indeed a hero both in World War II and becoming my Dad. I won’t bore you with all of the details but he […]

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God Bless the people that serve our country. God Bless the fallen, and families of the fallen, at Fort Hood. God Bless the veterans who have seen and felt too much – and those that have bled and carry the scars of our country for the rest of their days for the sake of our […]

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Happy Veterans Day….

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Veterans Day. Thank you to all who are serving around the world and who have served in the past. I wanted to share my friends blog with you who is an excellent photographer and friend. Please visit the blog of Cricket Walker for some excellent photographs for […]

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Fear of Water…Not…

My grandson has absolutely no fear of water and will dive in if not watched. My other grandson was terrified of water at first and didn’t get use to it until 5 or so. Image Copyright © 2009, Barrett Photo Art. I remember the ocean scaring me to death. Hunter here just walks right in […]

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Georgetown Market Days…

Georgetown Texas Market Days went very well today with booths consisting of clothing, artwork, leather goods, handicrafts and lots of wonderful things. Cher’s Creations from Round Rock features hand made custom wreaths and floral arrangements with no two being alike. Silver Mallet Productions has hand tooled leather goods such as wallets, belts, and a whole […]

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Peer Pressure…

I remember when I was young and how sometimes my mouth would override my abilities. I was taken down memory lane here recently when I watched as my grandson told a lovely little girl how he could make it across the monkey bars. He had not taken in to account his physical limitations as he […]

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