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What Happened…

I wonder where we are going.  I wonder which road we are really on.  I wonder where we’ll end up.  I’m thankful for many, many things.  But it’s getting harder.

The harder I work; The less I seem to have.  The more behind I get.  The harder I try to catch up there is another knock at the door.  The phone rings and rings saying “Gimme Gimme”.  I’ll keep trying.  Things could be worse.

The road is long and doesn’t seem to go anywhere.  I guess I’ll just keep working hard and praying that someone gets it right.

But it sure feels like no one is listening while hard working people are losing everything they’ve worked for. I just don’t understand it.  J-O-B-S is how you spell it.  In case you’ve forgotten, Mr. President.

Peace, Love, and VOTE,



I love photography and it is a huge part of how I keep my sanity in these troubled times.

Image Copyright © 2009, Barrett Photo Art

These seagulls all have one thing in common. They all the want the piece of bread I have in my hand. (I know – I conned them in to a photo op). Such is what I’m finding in the job market. There are now more people than ever competeting for that same piece of bread than ever before and I’m becoming frustrated.

It’s frustrating that with all the talk of job creation and “stimulous’  that WALL STREET seems to be the only one making a recovery and they are reporting that unemployment is going to get WORSE.  That doesn’t seem to be what I remember being promised.  

Nuff Said – back to job hunting.

Peace, Love, and We’ll Make it After the Next Election,