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Storm Victim…

Well. Seems like the storm the other night got another victim. It happens more often than you think when you leave your computer on all night without the benefit a UPS (Uninterupted Power Supply). Powerstrips don’t always protect as they should and hard drives can still be damaged by not being shut down properly.

DSC_8921-EditImage Copyright © 2009, Barrett Photo Art

I tried everything with this one. Once it was determined the system would not boot, I reformatted it and ran some other tools on it. It appeared to start working, however errors started occuring – data got screwey – and more bad sectors turned up.

I couldn’t trust it with data anymore so now I have this beautiful shiny hard drive, paperweight – actually I thought that “Lady Geeks” could use it as a make up mirror because it’s so clear.

I wonder if a craftsman could make me a “Geek Clock” or something like that. I already blogged about the magnet (the brass colored section in the lower left of the hard drive) that is very strong.

For now I’ll just pose the hard disk on my desk and record its image for posterity.

Peace, Love, and Rest In Digital Peace,


Hard Drives…

Did ya notice that once a hard drive goes bad there is not much you can do with it. Well… I decided to imortalize this one as it was such a good servant. (Backed up of course).

Hard Drive Tree
Image Copyright © 2009, Barrett Photo Art.

Well it appears that the little fella (SATA Laptop 250 gig hard drive) decided he would rather take it easy. Lay around. Copy half the data…lose the rest. More or less take a vacation.

Hard Drive Reflect
 Image Copyright © 2009, Barrett Photo Art.

I guess he started reflecting on the greener things in life and thought it would be great to be on the outside instead of screwed in to an overheating laptop.

The Platen on a hard drive is incredibly shiney and the camera at first didn’t know what to focus on.

Hard Drive RocksImage Copyright © 2009, Barrett Photo Art.

Well. The hard drive is either visiting the Hard Rock Cafe or is officially on the rocks because the little guy wouldn’t format anymore.  (Oh yeah, of course it won’t format NOW – but it wouldn’t while it was installed in the laptop..just so you know).

They make nice refrigerator magnets though.  Some regualar size hard drives the magnet can hold everything your child did during the school year to your refrigerator door.

Peace, Love, and Don’t Forget to Backup,