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© Copyright 2012, Robert D Barrett

It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything here as there has been alot going on since my father’s passing. I found that he read a book called “The Shack” and so I read it also. That was a wonderful book. You can find out about it by clicking the link over on the right over there.
I finally saw a shot I wanted to take and actually woke up early and decided to go and get it. My problem has been not stopping when I see it, and just taking the time. I really needed a break (another post) and so I woke up at 6:00am just to go and try and take the picture I wanted to take.

Exposure is hard to figure out sometimes and you just have to play it by ear. The shot I wanted was the sun coming up. Before it got bright — when it’s a big orange ball peeking over the horizon. This is what I got:

© Copyright 2012, Robert D Barrett, Sunrise

Sunrise was beautiful. It was a quiet Saturday morning that I was able to get the day off for. No traffic. No hour long commute. So I decided to tinker around with exposure because it was giving me fits.  Either the sun would be right and field black, or the sky would be washed out and the field looked right.  It’s a difficult shot – one I’m sure I have to learn more about.
© Copyright 2012, Robert D Barrett, Morning

So I decided to drive the airport near where I live and see what I could see that I wanted to take photographs of. I had my coffee with me and a few minutes of the sun coming up and I wanted to see what I could find.

I found a classic 1951 Beech C35 basking in the early morning light peeking out from under his covers;

© Copyright 2012, Robert D Barrett

Sweet little plane – manufactured in the day they thought everyone was going to be able to own a plane of their own. Take the family on trips and save the airfare.

© Copyright 2012, Robert D Barrett

I loved the way the rising sun reflected off the windows of the old “ICAN Aviation” hangar. The tires – the texture of the sides of the building with the smooth, now orange, glass.

© Copyright 2012, Robert D Barrett

I found an old desk chair in the parking lot that looked a little out of place…so I took a picture of it. (You never know – someone may need a photo of a chair in an airport parking lot). Reminds of an Army Term I used to use: “Chairborne Ranger” – that was me.

© Copyright 2012, Robert D Barrett

Silhouettes are fun. I just like the sun coming up when it’s just bright enough to look at without being blinded. Though looking at the sun through a camera lens (translated magnifying glass) is not really a good idea.

© Copyright 2012, Robert D Barrett

Then I stumbled upon an Airstream trailer. Something about the shiney, chrome, lookin’ things that just looks cool. They reflect everything. So I leave you with a classic looking trailer.

© Copyright 2012, Robert D Barrett

I love photography and take pictures of everything. I find a picture in just about half of everything I look at. I’m still learning post processing techniques to make the photographs look cool. I think a classic look to classic airplane is just perfect.

© Copyright 2012, Robert D Barrett

Well, I’m off in search of more photos to take so thank you for taking the time to stop by and look around.

Peace, Love, and the Classics,




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Still Dreaming…

I still dream of flying one day. Every time I get close something else happens. For now I’ll just photograph the objects of my dreams.

I just really wish I could spend more time “up there”.

I’ve taken a ‘discovery’ flight or two. The adrenalin rush lasts for weeks. I just need to figure out how to get money to learn the rest of it and get a license.

I’m off to work now. I’ll keep dreaming.

Peace, Love and Clouds,



I love aircraft and airports. I love flying. I love watching them. Almost like watching birds just twice as noisey.  I like trucks also – but I have to tell you I have a TON of respect for anyone that can guide a 747 around a taxiway.

China Bound © 2010, Robert Barrett

Technology is amazing. How something that big can even fly. I sat and watched the hussle and bussle for quite awhile. 

 Founders Plaza, © 2010, Robert Barrett 

At DFW Founder’s Plaza people come to plane spot, take their kids to watch airplanes, hang out, and listen to Air Traffice Control.  I had a great day picking up my nephew and stopping by Founders Plaza and watching the comings and goings.

Arrival, © 2010, Robert Barrett

Departure, © 2010, Robert Barrett

The aircraft seemed to be mostly American Airlines (After all, Dallas is their major hub), but occasionally you’d catch a Mexicana Airbus or other airline from around the world.

Mexicana Airbus, © 2010, Robert Barrett

I wish I could have stayed there much longer. Next time I have the gas and time I may just spend a whole day there just to see what I can see.

It may seem boring to most. But I’ve always dremt of flying. Someday I will. I’m still saving to try and get a private pilot’s license.

Peace, Love, and Blue Skies,