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It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything here as there has been alot going on since my father’s passing. I found that he read a book called “The Shack” and so I read it also. That was a wonderful book. You can find out about it by clicking the link over on the right over […]


Still Dreaming…

I still dream of flying one day. Every time I get close something else happens. For now I’ll just photograph the objects of my dreams. I just really wish I could spend more time “up there”. I’ve taken a ‘discovery’ flight or two. The adrenalin rush lasts for weeks. I just need to figure out […]



I love aircraft and airports. I love flying. I love watching them. Almost like watching birds just twice as noisey.  I like trucks also – but I have to tell you I have a TON of respect for anyone that can guide a 747 around a taxiway. Technology is amazing. How something that big can […]