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Austin Vibe…

I love Austin, Texas. I wish there was a better, more articulate way of saying it, but that’s the truth. I love to just BE in Austin. I think it has a ‘vibe’ all of its own.

I love to go down around 1st Street or Congress Avenue and just people watch. Well, and dog watch as well I suppose.

People come out to exercise or play with their pets and just relax and enjoy the day or unwind after work. I can’t explain it really it’s just a ‘feeling’ about the place.

Lots of folks like to throw tennis balls or sticks out in to the water and have their dog go fetch it. It’s great for the dog who gets to cool off in the lake. There are days so hot though makes you want to jumpin with him.

Austin is a great place to meet people – and who knows – your pet may even come away with making a new friend.

© copyright 2011, Robert D. Barrett, All Rights Reserved

I do like to come down here and people watch, relax, and pay my respects to Stevie Ray Vaughn. Reminds me of a family/friend of mine who played like him who recently passed away – I guess they’re playing together now. (R.I.P. Jason Baric).
© copyright 2011, Robert D. Barrett, All rights reserved.

Just thought I would share a little about this wonderful place so bring your dog, rent a canoe or kayak and come down and chill out with some wonderful folks, make a few friends and enjoy the day.

Peace, Love, and Good Vibes,


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Austin, Texas…

I really love Austin, Texas, especially downtown. It’s picturesque and the people are amazing! I have to say that the city has its own ‘vibe’.

© copyright 2010, Robert D. Barrett

They’ve just completed the Austonian in downtown which is now the tallest building in Austin. I wonder if they let folks up on the top to take pictures or if you have to live there?

© copyright 2010, Robert D. Barrett

My favorite building is usually the Frost Bank Tower. I guess because it’s shiney – reflects the light well. Looks like an ‘owl’ sometimes. I haven’t placed my finger on it but I’ve sure taken alot of photographs of it.

© copyright 2010, Robert D. Barrett

Some photographs I play with in Photoshop or paint shop pro. I think I found a tutorial on turning photographs in to paintings such as this, but I’ve since forgotten where and how to do it.

© copyright 2010, Robert D. Barrett

Austin when the sun goes down is another story. So much to do, see, taste, smell. There’s music everywhere down 6th street and it’s just so ‘alive’ and beautiful.

© copyright 2010, Robert D. Barrett

I guess you can see why I love this area so much. It’s interesting, weird, beautiful, musical and just makes me feel like I’m at home. Thanks for stopping by again!

Peace, Love, and Keep Austin Weird,


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Stevie Ray Vaughn…

It’s been over 20 years? August 27, 1990 Guitar legend Stevie Ray Vaughn passed away in a helicopter crash. He was only 35. His legend lives on in downtown Austin, Texas with a statue in his honor located at Auditorium Shores.

© 2009, Robert D. Barrett

When in Austin take a stroll around Auditorium Shores. It’s a beautiful park with lots to see near beautiful downtown Austin.

© 2010, Robert D. Barrett Stevie Ray Vaughn keeps a watchful eye over downtown Austin.

Peace, Love, and Rhythm and Blues,


Summer Time

I love summer time. Biking in the park. Camping and swimming holes. It’s a little too hot for Golf though. But I can still take a photograph or two.

Peace, Love, and Blue Skies,


Night Photography (Austin)…

I’m just now learning how to expose photographs for night lights. The intrenet is a wonderful resource for looking up settings to start with. So, I took my camera down to Town Lake in downtown Austin Texas and played with the settings that I had found on the internet. The settings I ended up using: ISO 100, f.8, and exposed for approximately 10 seconds (on a tripod of course). You can generally get good results with these settings if you’re shooting for the lights.

© Copyright 2010, Barrett Photo Art

Nice to sit and watch the city lights in Austin. From where this was taken there are still joggers out running around and there are dinner cruise boats on the lake as well. I love Austin.

Peace, Love, and City Lights,


The Other Side…

I like tunnels. Or at least the perception of tunnels. The pattern that is created by looking THROUGH things…like the triangles at the park. I don’t know what the appeal is. Maybe it’s the other side. Or setting goals.

Image © Copyright 2009, Barrett Photo Art

I just enjoy the pattern created by some things. I mean looking under this bridge makes me want to skip a rock or just sit and watch the water reflect off the bottom.

Image © Copyright 2009, Barrett Photo Art

And finally the hallway at the state capital in Austin, Texas. Another example of lining things up I suppose.

Capital Hall
Image © Copyright 2009, Barrett Photo Art

That last photograph may be hard to see. I’ll keep at it. – I’m learning more every day. (Like I need a new lens *wink* *hint*)

Peace, Love, and the Other Side,


Read The Sign…

The drought is still on and it’s still hot in Texas. Swimmers enjoy Barton Springs in the heat of the day.

No Swimming AlmostImage Copyright © Barrett Photo Art

I love Texas.
Peace, Love, and Stay Cool and Safe,


Austin Bats…

I think it’s rather unique to have a million bats fly out from under a bridge every night at sunset. Not to mention the amount of bugs they eat. It’s like the sunset party in Key West, FL watching the sun go down. In Austin, Texas – they watch the sun go down AND the bats come out! Beautiful!

Bat BridgeImage Copyright © Barrett Photo Art

So all these bats come flying out of this bridge right at sunset and the people line the bridge to watch. It’s great!

Austin is very beautiful at night – I guess I like the city after all, though I do miss the country alot.

Bat Bridge 2Image Copyright © Barrett Photo Art

Austin NightImage Copyright © Barrett Photo Art

One last shot of the bats and I have to attend to the business of finding a job.

Bats BridgeImage Copyright © Barrett Photo Art

Peace, Love, and Guano,