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Llano Texas Eagles Nest…

© copyright 2012, Robert D. Barrett

It has been awhile since I’ve been able to wander over towards Llano and see how the Eagles are doing. They have been nesting near there for quite a few years. I found they’ve moved the nest a little down the road but to my joy the nest is a little closer to the road (for all of us photographers out there this is wonderful).Llano Texas Eagle 6, © Copyright 2012, Robert D. Barrett

It can take a little patience while you’re out there watching. Nothing interesting may happen for awhile – but sometimes you get lucky.

Momma and Daddy flew off and we were all wondering why they would leave the babies alone for so long. After about 45 minutes lunch was being servied in the nest.

Llano Texas Eagles, © copyright 2012, Robert D. Barrett

Watching a Bald Eagle in the wild is fascinating. I don’t have as much luck fishing as these birds did (though I enjoy it) and I couldn’t help but to be inspired. What a joy to spend a morning watching these magnificent birds.

Llano Eagles Fish, © Copyright 2012, Robert D. Barrett


I’m told the babies will fledge around the first week of March – then one can only hope the Eagles return to nest again next year.  It’s wonderful having such a sight within driving distance.  You sort of adopt them and find yourself going out there to check on them.

Llano, Texas Eagles Nest © copyright 2012, Robert D. Barrett

Thank you for stopping by. If you’re ever near Llano, Texas the nest is outside the city limits on Hwy 29. Enjoy!

Peace, Love, and God Bless America,


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Llano Eagle’s Nest…

I haven’t had a chance to visit the nest this winter …I hear the nest has moved. I’m waiting till I can rent or get my hands on a ‘sharper’ lens. – These are my first attempts at it when the nest was closer to the road. The nest was located down Highway 29 toward Llano, Texas.

© Copyright 2009, Robert D. Barrett

These are the best of alot of shots. I was still learning my new camera at the time as well. That’s why the images aren’t as sharp as I would like.

© Copyright 2009, Robert D. Barrett

I wish this next shot would have been sharp – but in all honesty I had a wonderful time just watching this bird feed his family. I nicknamed the two babies “Orville and Wilbur” after the wright brothers.

© copyright 2009, Robert D. Barrett

So alas, my dream is saving up the money for my dream lens – The Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 VRII which runs around a good $2,000.00. I tried to rent one but they want a deposit equal to the amount of the lens so I’m still hunting sources so I can go back out and shoot (with a camera) this bird.

Peace, Love, and Eagle’s Wings,


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