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Artist -vs- Creep…

I’ve been pretty self concious about my weight and my back lately. I suffer from a slipped disc and chronic back pain and my gut isn’t helping. So I have been going hiking quite a bit with my camera. Today, around Lake Georgetown.

© copyright 2011, Robert D. Barrett

Lord it was hot but I wanted to burn off some steam and relax with my trusty camera.

Little did I know that the times have changed. You cannot go walking around the lake with a camera without someone saying something.

© copyright 2011, Robert D. Barrett

I was walking back to my truck; dripping with sweat and thinking I must have lost at least a whole pound when some teenagers that had just passed me turned and started yelling at me. They were say F*** You! and Pervert! and Don’t you take any pictures of me!

I was dumb founded and hadn’t a clue what they were talking about and it rather hurt my feelings a bit.

© copyright 2011, Robert D. Barrett

I hollard that they were mistaken and they yelled something incoherant back. So I hollard for them to not be so full of themselves and I had better things to do.

About then a car drove up the hill and the lady in that car yelled “Pervert!”

© Copyright 2011, Robert D. Barrett

Well, here are the photos I took today. No “teens” here. I was torn about taking them a business card and showing them my work but I felt the situation was already Stupid and I was sweating so badly I thought I better get something to drink first. Not the Bud Light pictured here, though. (Ashame folks have to litter the lake)

It’s ashame that it used to be a gentleman with a camera was thought to be an artist – but you can’t go walking around with a camera without someone thinking you’re a pervert or something.

I guess they were just kids or something and maybe I shouldn’t let it bother me, but it did for awhile. At least I know who I am.

Peace, Love, and Scenery,


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I remember passing this house a couple of years ago and loved the old style of it. My thoughts at the time were that it would make a great haunted house.

Copyright © 2009, Bob Barrett

I just loved the old style of it. Actually I wished I had lived there.

Well, I was driving around and passed by the house yesterday and low-and-behold it had been totally remodeled and WOW what a beautiful house it is now!

Copyright © 2010, Bob Barrett

Georgetown Texas is such a beautiful town. The people are great and I love how it’s growing. My hat is off to the folks that purchased and remodeled this home. It looks fantastic! Just shows what you can do.

Peace, Love, and Carpentry,


Texas Drought…

Well they’ve announced that here in Georgetown Texas we are now under water restrictions. I was wondering when they were going to do that because I’ve enjoyed taking pictures in San Gabriel Park.

San Gabriel Water
Image Copyright © 2009 Barrett Photo Art

The above photo was taken just this last June 2009. And here is near the same location today

San Gabriel No Water
Image Copyright © 2009 Barrett Photo Art

I’ve Seen Geese hiking the river bed in search of a “swimming hole”.

Goose Hike
Image Copyright © 2009 Barrett Photo Art

San Gabriel Water
Image Copyright © 2009 Barrett Photo Art

I sure do miss the river.   Maybe it’s because of the construction up and downstream? Guess I’ll have to investigate.

Peace, Love, and Swim for It,


Georgetown Texas…

I live in Georgetown, Texas North of Austin. I worked in Austin and commuted 47 miles to work.

I count that as a blessing as now I have the opportunity to find work in the town I love and live in.

Georgetown CourthouseImage Copyright © Barrett Photo Art

They have a wonderful downtown square that is very active! Restaraunts, shops, boutiques, and an active theater that puts on fantastic plays! It has been so long since I’ve seen a live play and it’s quite an experience to watch.

Palace TheaterImage Copyright © Barrett Photo Art

Georgetown WineryImage Copyright © Barrett Photo Art

The Winery is wonderful!

Also the Rough and Ready Antique Store is FULL of treasure.

Georgetown AntiquesImage Copyright ©Barrett Photo Art

Every Friday night the Downtown Georgetown Association hosts “Georgetown Music on the Square” where live music is performed by various local artists.

Music on the Square

There is also a Street Dance on the square which is held on the First Friday of the month. August 7th will be the last Street Dance so ya’ll need to come!

Georgetown SquareImage Copyright © Barrett Photo Art

Please visit the Downtown Georgetown Association Website and learn more about this wonderful place I live in! Downtown Georgetown Association

Come and spend a quiet day on the Square. The quality of the restaraunts and shops will amaze you and the wonderful people here will make you smile and never want to leave.

Walk Along the SquareImage Copyright © Barrett Photo Art

Peace, Love, and Small Town Texas,