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Artist -vs- Creep…

I’ve been pretty self concious about my weight and my back lately. I suffer from a slipped disc and chronic back pain and my gut isn’t helping. So I have been going hiking quite a bit with my camera. Today, around Lake Georgetown.

© copyright 2011, Robert D. Barrett

Lord it was hot but I wanted to burn off some steam and relax with my trusty camera.

Little did I know that the times have changed. You cannot go walking around the lake with a camera without someone saying something.

© copyright 2011, Robert D. Barrett

I was walking back to my truck; dripping with sweat and thinking I must have lost at least a whole pound when some teenagers that had just passed me turned and started yelling at me. They were say F*** You! and Pervert! and Don’t you take any pictures of me!

I was dumb founded and hadn’t a clue what they were talking about and it rather hurt my feelings a bit.

© copyright 2011, Robert D. Barrett

I hollard that they were mistaken and they yelled something incoherant back. So I hollard for them to not be so full of themselves and I had better things to do.

About then a car drove up the hill and the lady in that car yelled “Pervert!”

© Copyright 2011, Robert D. Barrett

Well, here are the photos I took today. No “teens” here. I was torn about taking them a business card and showing them my work but I felt the situation was already Stupid and I was sweating so badly I thought I better get something to drink first. Not the Bud Light pictured here, though. (Ashame folks have to litter the lake)

It’s ashame that it used to be a gentleman with a camera was thought to be an artist – but you can’t go walking around with a camera without someone thinking you’re a pervert or something.

I guess they were just kids or something and maybe I shouldn’t let it bother me, but it did for awhile. At least I know who I am.

Peace, Love, and Scenery,


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Summer Time

I love summer time. Biking in the park. Camping and swimming holes. It’s a little too hot for Golf though. But I can still take a photograph or two.

Peace, Love, and Blue Skies,


Night Photography (Austin)…

I’m just now learning how to expose photographs for night lights. The intrenet is a wonderful resource for looking up settings to start with. So, I took my camera down to Town Lake in downtown Austin Texas and played with the settings that I had found on the internet. The settings I ended up using: ISO 100, f.8, and exposed for approximately 10 seconds (on a tripod of course). You can generally get good results with these settings if you’re shooting for the lights.

© Copyright 2010, Barrett Photo Art

Nice to sit and watch the city lights in Austin. From where this was taken there are still joggers out running around and there are dinner cruise boats on the lake as well. I love Austin.

Peace, Love, and City Lights,