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Llano Texas Eagles Nest…

© copyright 2012, Robert D. Barrett

It has been awhile since I’ve been able to wander over towards Llano and see how the Eagles are doing. They have been nesting near there for quite a few years. I found they’ve moved the nest a little down the road but to my joy the nest is a little closer to the road (for all of us photographers out there this is wonderful).Llano Texas Eagle 6, © Copyright 2012, Robert D. Barrett

It can take a little patience while you’re out there watching. Nothing interesting may happen for awhile – but sometimes you get lucky.

Momma and Daddy flew off and we were all wondering why they would leave the babies alone for so long. After about 45 minutes lunch was being servied in the nest.

Llano Texas Eagles, © copyright 2012, Robert D. Barrett

Watching a Bald Eagle in the wild is fascinating. I don’t have as much luck fishing as these birds did (though I enjoy it) and I couldn’t help but to be inspired. What a joy to spend a morning watching these magnificent birds.

Llano Eagles Fish, © Copyright 2012, Robert D. Barrett


I’m told the babies will fledge around the first week of March – then one can only hope the Eagles return to nest again next year.  It’s wonderful having such a sight within driving distance.  You sort of adopt them and find yourself going out there to check on them.

Llano, Texas Eagles Nest © copyright 2012, Robert D. Barrett

Thank you for stopping by. If you’re ever near Llano, Texas the nest is outside the city limits on Hwy 29. Enjoy!

Peace, Love, and God Bless America,


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Hill Country Beauty…

I love the Texas hill country and the quiet that comes with going off the beaten path (or paved highway). I guess by ‘highway’ I mean Interstate, but out and down Farm to Market roads there is alot to be seen – especially around the Guadalupe river.

© 2011, Robert D. Barrett, Bob's Blahg

There are places you could go and sit for hours and watch the river and listen to…well; nothing actually. Just the wind, birds, and bugs and watch the reflections in the water dance around.

© 2011, Robert D. Barrett, Bob's Blahg

I miss the quiet where you can hear nothing but the sound of the water rushing over the rocks. No iPods, traffic noise, sirens or hustle and bustle. Just wind and water.

© 2011, Robert D. Barrett, Bob's Blahg

Heave a big sigh as the weekend is over and it’s time to finish the morning coffee and run off to work and earn some gas money for my next little excursion with the camera.

Thank you for stopping by I sincerely appreciate it. Take care of yourselves and find that place where you can go and be quiet for awhile.

Peace, Love, and…well, PEACE,


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Heron After…

I remember when I first received my new Nikon fresh from eBay I had already set my sights on photographs I would like to take.

San Gabriel Park here in Georgetown Texas was home to some Blue Herons that I chased up and down the San Gabriel river trying like crazy to get a good shot of him (her).

© copyright 2009, Robert D. Barrett

They must have razor sharp vision because I couldn’t seem to get within 200 yards of the bird before it startled and took off.

However, I was fortunate on a couple of days when he wasn’t really paying attention to me and I managed to take his photograph.

© copyright 2009, Robert D. Barrett

Birds and Bugs are fun to photograph – especially the more challenging ones. This bird was challenging because they’re so shy – dragonflies are another subject – maybe my next one – that are tricky because they move so fast.

Thanks for stopping by and a special thank you to the bloggers of the 30 Day Bloggers Challenge that pop in. I need to get all their links put in on the right over there.

Peace, Love, and Watch The Birdie,


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I love dragonflies. There are so many varieties and they are so photogenic. They also eat alot of mosquitos.

Dragonflower © 2009 Robert Barrett
Image Copyright © 2009, Barrett Photo Art

There are 5,000 different species of Dragonfly (Odonata)  with 450 different species in North America and a good website to visit regarding dragonflies would be the Digital Dragonfly Museum

Green Dragonfly © 2009 Robert Barrett
Image Copyright © 2009, Barrett Photo Art

Dragonflies and damselflies are fun to watch (If you like bugs I guess) and I know people who collect them. I mean, some folks have everything cat everywhere and some collect everything elephant – and some collect dragonflies.  Pictures, coffee mugs, placemats, T-shirts.  Interesting decorating idea.

Me? I take photographs of everything so I guess I’ll move on down the trail and see what I can see.

Peace, Love, and Happy Hiking,



I’m not a big fan of lightning. It’s powerful. It’s fun to watch from the safety of indoors (unless of course it blows up the transformer across the street, then it gets more on the frightening side).

I searched the internet to find out how to photograph this wonder and decided to try it. The storm was so bad there was lightning every 10 seconds or so, therefor there was no question as to where to point to the camera.

Image Copyright © 2009, Barrett Photo Art

The advice I found on the internet was to use a tripod and your camer’s ‘bulb’ setting. The bulb setting allows you to hold the shutter open until you release it. So I set my camera in full manual mode, selected an f stop of f/11, ISO 200, and the shutter speed to ‘bulb’.

Then point the camera in the general direction you think it’s going to happen and simply press the shutter (I wasn’t worried about camera shake because it was dark) and hold it open until you see the flash.  It’s not recommended to keep it open for longer than 2 minutes.  If nothing happens in that amount of time then close the shutter – and try another shot.  The above shot was ISO 200 / f/11 / and only 2 seconds.  There was alot of lightning.

Other considerations are water. I was under the porch (Literally cowering under the porch…ha-ha) or you could use plastic to sheild your equipment from the rain. Or if you’re lucky, it’s not raining (yet).  The number one thing to also consider is SAFETY.  Please be safe because lightning is dangerous and you don’t want to be out in it with expensive camera equipment.  I did, after all, run back inside as soon as this shot was taken.

Now that I have my first ever shot of lightning I guess I have to work on putting that beautiful scenery behind it like all of those famous photographers actually get.  I’m getting better and loving the experience and lessons learned.

I hope this helps with your photography experience and if you get a chance stop by Barrett Photo Art and poke around if you like. I try to keep my best work there.

Thanks for stopping by and God Bless.

Peace, Love, and ‘There’s the Ka-Boom!”, (vague Marvin the Martian reference)