Monthly Archives: October 2010


I love photography and the memories that images bring back. Looking at my computer today I realized I’ve passed 29,000 images.

© Copyright 2010, Robert D. Barrett

Of course alot are family snapshots and events, but most are photographs of things that make me feel something.

© Copyright 2010, Robert D. Barrett

I hate to say it but I’m a lazy photographer. I cannot imagine having to wait 2 days for my ‘prints’ to come back from the developer. I’m so glad I have the instant gratification that digital photography brings, as well the artistic capabilities of graphics editing programs such as Paint Shop Pro or everyone’s favorite Adobe Photoshop.

So get yourself a digital camera and get out and make some memories. I get such a good feeling browsing through my ‘collection’ of sorts. They Bring back feelings of nothing but good.

Peace, Love, and Memory Cards,