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Watching the Weather…

In Texas during the Summer it seems that there are an awful lot of clear, HOT days with a rather uninteresting sky. I think sunrise and sunset are the best when there are clouds involved.
But when a front comes through and the clouds start building it can be quite dramatic!


My favorite thing to see are gaps in the clouds and beams of light are spread out all over the place. I call it “That ‘Ray’ Thing”.

Sun Rays

When the weather changes rapidly I love to see towering Cumulonimbus clouds and multiple layers. It looks like another kingdom in the sky.

RBA 8869 AuroraHDR2019 edit - Watching the Weather...

Lately I’ve seen it where you could see it raining in a particular spot in the distance. The streaks and the clouds churning. As if God was watering the crops as He walked thru his garden.

Rain Storm
Watering the Fields
Rain Storm
Partly Stormy

I wasn’t able to photograph it when I lived in Panama, but it use to be pouring down rain in the front yard, but be sunny and nice in the back yard. It’s almost hypnotic just to sit and relax and watch a storm in the distance. If there’s lightning makes me nervous.

Thunder Storm
Stormy Day
Storm Front
Front Line

Clouds are awesome. They’re what makes the sunrise and sunset so unique. I love the long shadows, and the colors of early evening. And I love driving around in the country away from the freeway just to see the wide open spaces.

Sunset Clouds

I hope you enjoyed the post. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to stop by.

Peace, Love, and Stormy Weather,

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