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Austin Helicopter Tours

My wife and I had the absolute pleasure of taking a helicopter tour of Austin, Texas from Austin Helicopter Tours. What a wonderful experience and affordable to!

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Austin Helicopter Tours

Our fantastic host and pilot was Jose Corona who was patient, courteous, showed us everything and made our visit fabulous. He even explained a lot about helicopters, procedures, how to start it, and how to fly it. Made me want to go out and buy one right away (if I could afford to, of course).

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Jose Corona, Pilot/Owner, Austin Helicopter Tours

Austin Helicopter Tours also offers helicopter tours of San Antonio, Texas as well. What a wonderful way to see the city! Jose pointed out historical places that we didn’t even know about such as a movie set/lot – as well as places everyone wants to see (such as UT and Longhorn stadium from the air!).

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University of Texas Austin, Longhorn Stadium
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University of Texas, Austin

The Robinson R44 Raven is a small helicopter and one may be apprehensive about taking a ride in one. But the flight was so smooth and safety always first and I could not tell you how excited I was to see Austin from the air.

RBA6991 - Austin Helicopter Tours
Wife Jackie Proudly Saying “We’re going up in that!”
RBA7146 - Austin Helicopter Tours
Taking Off
RBA7109 10 11 12 13HDR - Austin Helicopter Tours
Beautiful Downtown Austin
RBA7062 3 4HDR - Austin Helicopter Tours
Texas Capital

Austin Helicopter Tours has several options and tours available and not limited to just Austin. As I mentioned before they also have tours of San Antonio (Which I plan on taking). Also available are tours of the Texas Hill Country, the Circuit of the Americas race track (F1), Lake Travis, or the Ultimate Austin Tour that takes you around all of them! They also have charter flights, The Vinyard of Florence, Salt Lick BBQ, and many others. Check them out! I PROMISE a fabulous flight and wonderful time by visiting them at Austin Helicopter Tours (https://alamohelicoptertours.com)

RBA7133 - Austin Helicopter Tours
Texas Capital from the Air

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