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Please free to send me a message. I always love to meet new people or hear from old one’s — or young one’s — or plan a golf date (hint-hint bro), photoshoot, or get together and chew the fat (so to speak).

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Peace, Love, and Thank You,

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P.S. — This is my grandson Hunter. He’s great! I nicknamed him “Dribble-bot” cuz that’s what he’s done for most of the year – (with the exception of the days he was named dribble-butt). Somedays I call him Meatball-Son of Meathead – but that’s another blog.

Love you folks and thanks for stopping by.

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    • Richard Owen

      Hello Bob: I got your e-mail listing your latest endeavors. And I got to say this, you sure know how to design a site! I heard somebody mention that you might be able to pick up a few extra bucks by taking pictures of local sporting events, and selling them to the local newspaper. And if all else fails, you can always hang out your shingle and photograph weddings. I will drop by your sites from time to time, and see how you are giving along. Good luck, Love ya’ Bro Richard

    • Dennis Brown

      Bob, I found a board thread of yours regarding manual focusing issues with the D90. Had my D90 since first of the year and having a similar perplexing problem.

      I like your photos. I lived in Austin for 30 years until 2007. The Hill Country has wonderful photo opportunities.

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