Discovering the Beach
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I’ve watched my children grow up and now I’m watching my grandchildren grow up. Life is so fleeting. Memories are precious. The joys of it all. Remembering the first time I went to the beach as toddler.

Strength in Your Hand
Strength in Your Hand

All the way from learning to walk; walking with my dad or mom; Parks; and learning about life. Discovering FISH!

Discovering Minnows!
Discovering the Joy of Water
It’s Wet

Playing with the water hose on a hot Summer day.

Cold Sprinkler on a Hot Day
I Love Summer

Learning to ride a bike and discovering my freedom and mobility…

Learning that Bicycles Mean Freedom!
Freedom Found

Learning to fly on a swing and the joy of an older brother or sister.

The Joy of Swinging from a Tree Swing
Love to Swing
Love an older Brother
There for Me

Learning that sometimes rocks taste good. (Kidding)

Taste Testing a ROCK
This tastes ok but can’t chew it

The love of animals…

A New Found Friend
The Joy of Animals

The joy of Friendship…

Friends for LIfe
Friends for Life

And now, as I look back, it’s been a wonderful life. To find love, having children, grandchildren and being a part of it all. Life is Awesome.

Forever Togetherness
Forever Togetherness

Peace, Love, and the Joy of Living,

Sigwhite - Childhood...

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