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Another Season…

I love the time when winter is easing on out and spring begins and the flowers pop up and the trees get leaves. I think green is one of my favorite colors.

Blue Bonnets are popping up everywhere, as well as these yellow flowers (that I don’t know the name of – wish I did). I just take photographs of them.

Blue Bonnetts © 2010, Barrett Photo Art

Bees are also buzzing about making sure the flowers keep blooming. Bees are fun to watch – though not TOO closely. I tripped once while trying to photograph some bees. Which of course got them all excited and they proceeded to take it out on me.

Spring Bee, © 2010 Barrett Photo Art

I can’t really blame them though. I don’t like giant things falling on me while I’m eating either.

Enjoy the season. Thank you for stopping by.

Peace, Love, and Pollen (*achoo!*),

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