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Austin Bats…

I think it’s rather unique to have a million bats fly out from under a bridge every night at sunset. Not to mention the amount of bugs they eat. It’s like the sunset party in Key West, FL watching the sun go down. In Austin, Texas – they watch the sun go down AND the bats come out! Beautiful!

Bat BridgeImage Copyright © Barrett Photo Art

So all these bats come flying out of this bridge right at sunset and the people line the bridge to watch. It’s great!

Austin is very beautiful at night – I guess I like the city after all, though I do miss the country alot.

Bat Bridge 2Image Copyright © Barrett Photo Art

Austin NightImage Copyright © Barrett Photo Art

One last shot of the bats and I have to attend to the business of finding a job.

Bats BridgeImage Copyright © Barrett Photo Art

Peace, Love, and Guano,

Sigwhite 1 - Austin Bats...

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  • Dalilah

    How cool, I hope to one day go and stand on that bridge during sunset 🙂 Thanks for sharing the pics.

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