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Bugs and Things…

I think it’s awesome to get a good picture of a bug. They’re challenging, for the most part, especially the flying insects.

I’ve already blogged a bit about bees and I hate to be repetitious but here are some of my favorites although some aren’t really artistic or anything, they’re bugs after all.

© copyright 2010, Robert D. Barrett

I found this tiny guy sitting down to a snack on one of our flowers in the back yard. He’s tiny and would sit happily on the tip of a ballpoint pen but lookes much larger due the 250mm lens I used.

© copyright 2009, Robert D. Barrett

Dragonflies are another favorite though they’re very quick and shy. I saw a patch that dragon flies were going in and out of and just sat there for awhile and sure enough one came along and planted itself in just the right spot!

© copyright 2010, Robert D. Barrett

Butterflies are also shy and flit around quite a bit. I find them challenging as well. Though sometimes all you have to do is offer them a good drink and….

© copyright 2010, Robert D. Barrett

I guess there must be something natural in Natural Ice because the butterfly really liked it.

Spiders are another fun insect to capture though I am intimidated by getting bit by them.

© copyright 2010, Robert D. Barrett

In Louisiana we had cochroaches – In central Texas we have THESE things that I believe probably might eat them which brings me to this multi-eyed spider that enjoyed the camera TOO much.

© copyright 2009, Robert D. Barrett

Then I found out about grasshoppers. I was chasing this guy around the yard and after I uploaded the photos to the computer I discovered it appeared he was smiling broader than a beer pitcher.

© copyright 2010, Robert D. Barrett

Then there are the bugs that you have no clue what they are – they just look, well, weird!

© copyright 2009, Robert D. Barrett

I could go on quite a bit about bugs as I have quite a few shots of different dragonflies and things. I may post the more interesting shots later. I enjoy photography and I’m working on PEOPLE for once so maybe I’ll be able to branch out a little more.

Thank you for stopping by and taking a break. Hope you enjoyed it and that I didn’t creep anyone out with the bugs.

Peace, Love, and Hold the Bug Spray,

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  • stone

    The bottom pic is a mayfly. Good trout food… The may fly is a very interesting bug… when they emerge, they just mate and feed the fish! They don’t live much more than a day, because they don’t eat…

    Enjoyed the bug pics… One of the things I enjoy taking pics of as well… I have some great pics of squash bugs, and milkweed bugs… I might need to blog those…

  • Jackie E-S

    Dragonflies are a favorite of mine, too. I did get some photos (not as great as yours though!) when I was preparing to do a knitting design with a dragonfly theme. That design is still in the works (actually was put on the back burner last fall when I went into a design slump). Maybe this will motivate me to pull that out and look at it again.

  • Bob-O

    That’s awesome! I got a photograph of a bug that lives for a day? Let me know if you blog your bugs I would love to see them! Thank you for the great comments!

  • kelli

    Spiders have 8 eyes and boy, they really are creepy. They have parts that looks unusual and don’t know what to make out of them.

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