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Long Time No Blahg…

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything or ‘blahged”.  I guess life caught up with me and I was stuck in the endless chain of work, sleep, pay bills, work , sleep, pay bills.

I still take photos every chance I get and recently got a great deal on a short flight on an old Ford Tri-Motor.  It tours around giving people the experience of what aviation was like ‘back in the day’. I took my grand children, Chase and Hunter, with me to get them off the computer and get some fresh air.


I found that they had a really great deal on rides and on a whim asked Chase and Hunter if they’d every been up in an airplane before. They had not. So I told them we’re going on a little ride.
We sat down for the safety briefing where we learned that a Ford Tri-motor was the first plane that Neil Armstrong flew on when he was a boy. His father bought him a ride on one which got young Neil hooked on aviation. That one ride on a Ford Tri-Motor planted the seed that eventually landed Neil Armstrong on the moon. The kids were fascinated by that.
They were a little nervous but excited like you wouldn’t believe. It felt good to give them their first ride on an airplane. Maybe now they could understand why I loved planes so much.
It was a good day and quite an experience for all of us. Here are a few more shots from our adventure.

It was a beautiful day to fly and watch the looks on their young faces while we flew around Georgetown. It made me feel good.
So if you ever get chance to see the Ford Tri-Motor while it tours around the country I highly recommend taking a flight. A lot of history and insight in to what it was like to fly back in the late 20’s.

Peace, Love, and Aviation,

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