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Photo -a- Day…

You know sometimes it’s hard to do a photo a day come to think of it. But I will get better as time goes along. I almost always have my camera with me but I’ve found that when I “TRY” to take a good photograph that it sometimes just doesn’t happen.

New Old Church
Image Copyright © 2009  Barrett Photo Art

I did notice this little chapel while picking up my daughter and slowed enough to take a couple of photographs. At first I thought it was an ‘old’ chapel until I noticed the sign out front indicating it was St Catherine’s Chapel Est. 2008.

I gave it the old photoshop ‘make it look old’ treatment and I guess it came out alright. I think it’s rather unique in apearance. Enjoy while I regroup as I’m still on the Job Hunting trail and will write/post again soon.

Peace, Love, and Country Drives,

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