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I remember passing this house a couple of years ago and loved the old style of it. My thoughts at the time were that it would make a great haunted house.

georgetown2 600x450 - Renewal...

I just loved the old style of it. Actually I wished I had lived there.

Well, I was driving around and passed by the house yesterday and low-and-behold it had been totally remodeled and WOW what a beautiful house it is now!

Georgetown1 600x396 - Renewal...

Georgetown Texas is such a beautiful town. The people are great and I love how it’s growing. My hat is off to the folks that purchased and remodeled this home. It looks fantastic! Just shows what you can do.

Peace, Love, and Carpentry,

Sigwhite 1 - Renewal...

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  • sidney

    What an amazing transformation!! I love seeing the before and after pic’s. I would love to have their talent to see the potential and your talent for preserving the memories of it!!

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