DSC 7409 - Grandest of Canyons

Grandest of Canyons

My wife and I had the opportunity to take a vacation to the Grand Canyon. I must tell you; No photograph does this work of God justice. You MUST see it for yourself.

DSC 7152 - Grandest of Canyons
The Grand Canyon

The vistas, the wildlife, the calm. You just can’t beat it. There is so much to see. We plan on going back and possible touring the other Rim and seeing the other side. One of the best places in the world to relax!

DSC 8271 2 3 - Grandest of Canyons
Breathtaking View

There is plenty to do. We stayed at the Grand Canyon National Park. There are mule rides, hiking, biking, plenty of great food. You MUST drink a lot of water if you plan on hiking. One thing they tell you not to forget – If you hike down, remember, you must hike back UP.

DSC 7731 - Grandest of Canyons
Hard to see tiny people way down there!
DSC 7773 - Grandest of Canyons
…And back up we go.

You cannot imagine how big this canyon is. I know photo ops are great and they do NOT recommend leaving the trail to have your photo taken near a steep ledge as this gentleman did. But the view is so amazing!

DSC 7780 Edit - Grandest of Canyons

As I mentioned there are tours. I really enjoyed the biking, hiking and the sunset tour. So, I’ll be quiet now and enjoy a few more photos of God’s creation!

DSC 7489 AuroraHDR2019 edit - Grandest of Canyons
Sunset at the Canyon
DSC 7463 4 5 - Grandest of Canyons
Photo Opportunities Everywhere!
DSC 7421 AuroraHDR2019 edit - Grandest of Canyons
Hoping my camera batteries last.
DSC 7347 - Grandest of Canyons
DSC 7989 - Grandest of Canyons
Throw Papa From the Cliff
DSC 8308 Edit - Grandest of Canyons
Endless Beauty.

Hope you enjoyed the post. You really must take the opportunity to see one of greatest wonders of the world.

Peace, Love, and God’s Grace,

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