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What Happened…

I wonder where we are going.  I wonder which road we are really on.  I wonder where we’ll end up.  I’m thankful for many, many things.  But it’s getting harder.

Road to Nowhere © Bob Barrett

The harder I work; The less I seem to have.  The more behind I get.  The harder I try to catch up there is another knock at the door.  The phone rings and rings saying “Gimme Gimme”.  I’ll keep trying.  Things could be worse.Alone  © 2009 Bob Barrett

The road is long and doesn’t seem to go anywhere.  I guess I’ll just keep working hard and praying that someone gets it right.

Highway © 2010 Bob Barrett

But it sure feels like no one is listening while hard working people are losing everything they’ve worked for. I just don’t understand it.  J-O-B-S is how you spell it.  In case you’ve forgotten, Mr. President.

Peace, Love, and VOTE,

sig2w - What Happened...

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