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I love aircraft and airports. I love flying. I love watching them. Almost like watching birds just twice as noisey.  I like trucks also – but I have to tell you I have a TON of respect for anyone that can guide a 747 around a taxiway.

China Bound © 2010, Robert Barrett

Technology is amazing. How something that big can even fly. I sat and watched the hussle and bussle for quite awhile.

 Founders Plaza, © 2010, Robert Barrett

At DFW Founder’s Plaza people come to plane spot, take their kids to watch airplanes, hang out, and listen to Air Traffice Control.  I had a great day picking up my nephew and stopping by Founders Plaza and watching the comings and goings.

Arrival, © 2010, Robert Barrett

Departure, © 2010, Robert Barrett

The aircraft seemed to be mostly American Airlines (After all, Dallas is their major hub), but occasionally you’d catch a Mexicana Airbus or other airline from around the world.

Mexicana Airbus, © 2010, Robert Barrett

I wish I could have stayed there much longer. Next time I have the gas and time I may just spend a whole day there just to see what I can see.

It may seem boring to most. But I’ve always dremt of flying. Someday I will. I’m still saving to try and get a private pilot’s license.

Peace, Love, and Blue Skies,

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  • Bob-O

    Thank you, John, for your wonderful comment and inspiration. Also the links to your sites – great stuff! I’ll keep the dream alive and even keep you posted on how it comes out.
    Very Best Regards,


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