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I recently had the pleasure of attending the FroKnowsPhoto “Frotowalk” at SXSW in Austin Texas. I have to say I had a great time. This was a well needed break from the “6 to 6” (wish I could work 9 to 5).

© Copyright 2012, Robert D. Barrett

In retrospect I wish we could have ‘walked’ a little however I do understand that trying to do a ‘photo walk’ in the middle of South by Southwest (SXSW) in downtown Austin, Texas with the crowd, and music and hustle and bustle it would have been hard to hear or learn anything. Which is why I was anxious to attend to see if I could learn a few things about photography which I have become totally addicted to.

© Copyright 2012, Robert D. Barrett

Jared Polin is pretty awesome when it comes to photography, equipment reviews, tutorials, and has a fantastic website at http://froknowsphoto.com/

Which is where I have learned alot. It’s an awesome community of photographers and knowledge that can’t be beat. There are also very active discussions about photo editing and he’ll even critique your work (check out the forums and sign up because it is worth it).

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It was a pleasure meeting Jared face to face and hearing the answers to some of my questions (noise filters / shooting with a high ISO / lighting situations) as well as meeting other photographers in the area (and beyond). I heard that 150 had signed up for the walk – but I think the threat of rain and possibly the traffic may have discouraged a few. I left early and it took me 45 minutes to find parking (and at SXSW $15 was a steal even if it was a mile away). I hoofed it and was 5 minutes late but was excited to have found them and made it.

After the discussion was over and a videos made I had a chance to walk the streets of Austin (6th street in particular) and take some shots of some odd things. I have to thank fellow photographer John Hart with showing me this alleyway that had some cool vines growing – and he showed me how to ‘blow out’ the background with one of my lenses.

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So all-in-all I learned a tremendous amount of valuable information. I enjoy photography more than I enjoy about anything else. I love the creative aspect of it. I love making my own pictures for things like my computer background or cell phone or to hang on my walls in my home. Not to mention the memories they inspire.

I found I have taken over 89,000 photographs with my Nikon D90. It’s still going great! Gotta love a well made product – I can’t imagine what all those pictures would cost if I had to have them developed at Walgreens. (Actually, that would be $40,940.00). I love what digital photography has brought to the table.

© Copyright 2012, Robert D Barrett

© Copyright 2012, Robert D Barrett

Well, I want to thank you all for stopping by. It was quite an adventure. Austin is such a wonderful town and the photographic and music and art opportunities are endless! I guess that’s why I love this town. Keep Austin Weird! And don’t forget to visit the Fro at Froknowsphoto.com!

Peace, Love, and Fro DOES Know Photo!,

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