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Drive By Shooting…

I know the title sounds serious…but it’s not really. It’s sort of what I call the photographs I get by not taking the time to stop and really TAKE the picture. I just hang the camera out the window and *click* away.

DSC 0066 600x398 - Drive By Shooting...

Sometimes I get an interesting sort of something I want to keep kind of a photograph. And yet other times, I”m not sure why I kept it…a pattern? The color? A memoriy? I’m not sure. Just something kept me from deleting it.

DSC 4123 600x398 - Drive By Shooting...

I guess this must be what a hound sees while hanging his head out the window with the breeze flapping his ears around. I don’t know. It reminded me of how fast things seem to be going by faster than I can seem to manage to catch up.

DSC 4864 600x398 - Drive By Shooting...

For now as I drive the 42 miles home I’m thinking I can’t wait till it warms up a bit so I can go walking through the woods or somewhere and just make pictures. I love taking pictures. Even while I’m hurtling down the road and too lazy to get out of my truck.

Enjoy my friends!

Peace, Love, and White Lines,

Sigwhite 1 - Drive By Shooting...

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  • sidney

    I thought of you today. Driving down the Montana freeway 75 mph, there was a BEAUTIFUL bald eagle. He flew down and was eating a carcass that was about 10 feet off the freeway. Didn’t budge when I went by. So, so gorgeous!! Where oh where is my camera…. somewhere in this packed car! I knew if I had been you my camera would have been in my hand. rats!

  • Bob-O

    There is a Bald Eagle out by Llano, Texas – Maybe I’ll pay him a visit. I hear she moved her nest further off the road, but maybe could rent a good lens? I love eagles!

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