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Rainy Day Dreaming…

Alas, another rainy day on my day off so I cleaned up and tried to organize some things. I was a little bummed because I was hoping to maybe get out and photograph some things out in the country.

So, I’m cleaning off my shelf and there are some things there I like to look at but take for granted. I decided to play around and photograph them.

DSC 4069 600x398 - Rainy Day Dreaming...

Some day I hope to be able to afford a motorcycle to ride around (and photograph) the beautiful Hill Country around the Austin area. It really doesn’t rain much around here and I would love to ride around with the wind in my hair (I’d wear a helmet though) and just enjoy the view.

DSC 4115 600x398 - Rainy Day Dreaming...

Remember these? Those were simplar times. Everything is electric now – no muscle use required. I guess with the exception of bicycles but they even have electric motors for those now.

I’ve always wanted to fly. Ever since I first rode on a plane and later peddled one of these. Someday I will do that to.

Well, I surprised myself today thinking I wasn’t going to have anything to ‘blahg’ about with the chilly, rainy thing going on all day. But I managed to day dream a little while cleaning up the shelves and managed to jot this down to give me something to remember. Enjoy!

Peace, Love, and Toy Models,

Sigwhite 1 - Rainy Day Dreaming...

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  • Snerdey

    Oh now memories you have brought back to life 🙂 Good ones that have a horrible ending 🙁 Well, to me it is. When I was very young I had little toys, farm stuff, tractors.. I did not play with them in the dirt.

    I knew what the dirt did to the equipment. So, when I got older I stored them in a couple of boxes in the old farm house. When I moved out I left them there for storage…

    My siblings, 3 of them.. all their kids found them over time and they were destroyed.

    I’m sure they had fun.. but, when I went to get them 20 years later it was not a happen dance for me.


  • Bob-O

    Thank you so much! I really wish i could have gotten out – but photographing stuff around the house turned out ok I S’pose :c)

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