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Favorite Things…

I know I’m behind but boy can life get busy sometimes. Of course I was struggling with what I could possibly write about and then I remembered an impulse I had.

I was in Starbucks (rarely but I treat myself once in awhile) and I saw this coffee cup.

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I had to have this coffee cup. I literally saw myself relaxing with my photographs drinking coffee out of this coffee cup.

It was large enough – it said “Austin Starbucks Coffee” on it and had a guitar player on it.

All things I love. Coffee, music, and Austin.

I didn’t NEED this coffee cup. But I had to HAVE this coffee cup.

Does it make the coffee taste better? Maybe not, but makes it feel better somehow I guess. I wonder if anyone else has this ‘impulse’ or a favorite thing that they absolutely have to have around that somehow makes us feel better?

Surround yourself with good things and good people and life will be good.

Peace, Love, and Folgers,

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  • Sue Darby

    I need to do a post on my Hoops & Yo Yo mugs….supposedly the first one was a Father’s Day present for George… then the second one was because I couldn’t decide on just ONE… the last one was because I had just graduated college…I love all 3 just because they make me smile while drinking my coffee! Only thing I wish I’d done different was buy the last one of the 4th mug on the shelf… Hallmark doesn’t carry them up here anymore!

  • sean

    I’m not a coffee drinker myself, but my wife has a great collection of coffee mugs with cats on them. None of them make the coffee taste any better, but they all put a smile on her face.

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