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The Little Things…

Thanks to the Blogging Challenge I got a chance to learn some amazing things. Also how important the little things are.

Nature is a wonderful thing and alot of us take it for granted. And if you have animals it’s your responsibility to take care of them.

Which brings me to an insect that fascinates, yet scares me to death sometimes (allergies, you know).

Bees1 600x438 - The Little Things...

Yes. BEES! They are so important to keeping things going and actually fun to watch (as long as you have a long lens and stand perfectly still).

They make honey and keep everything growing and I have to tell you about a wonderful place with wonderful stuff here in a minute.

Bees2 - The Little Things...

I didn’t take these photographs today, necessarily but they are a couple of favorites that illustrate how these wonderful bugs work – going from flower to flower pollenating everything. Also I wanted to tell you about Queen Bee Gardens and some thing I learned yesterday regarding the Bee Biz.

Queen Bee Gardens makes candy in Wyoming and I found they use honey from bees. It’s facinating and I learned that when it’s cold in Wyoming, the Bees get an all expense paid vacation to California during the Winter months. That is what I call taking care of your animals!

You simply have to visit their site and read this post about bees being trucked to California. Fascinating stuff!

Follow this link to the story about the Snowbees at Queen Bee Gardens.!

Peace, Love, and Honey,

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  • sidney

    Ahhhh Bob, I knew I LOVED your site!! Incredible pictures!! I have tried for quite some time to get similiar ones, but have never gotten anything even remotely like yours. You are awesome! Thanks for the shout out!! Sidney

  • Bob-O

    You’re very welcome Sidney! I had a long lens and didn’t move much. I figured if I didn’t cause a commotion they wouldn’t bother me. Thank you so much for the wonderful comments! Bob

  • Vivian

    Wow, I love the photos of the Bees! I worry about them because of so many dying. Hey the honey candy from Queen Bee Gardens sounds great. Thanks for the tip.

  • Bob-O

    You know? It just dawned on me how I did this – The top photo is actually a bush – lots of flowers (and there were lots of bees) – I put my camera on a monopod and manually focused on the flower there. I stood still – and when the bee came up and appeared to be in focus – I shot him (with the camera of course) LOL. I used an f stop around 8 or 11 – and I used the on camera flash on that one. The bottom photo was shot in a similar way – it was a brighter day so no flash- but I focused on the flower that the bees kept coming and going to – and when the be came along I fired away. I hope this helps! And thank you so much for the comments. — Bob

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