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Hill Country Beauty…

I love the Texas hill country and the quiet that comes with going off the beaten path (or paved highway). I guess by ‘highway’ I mean Interstate, but out and down Farm to Market roads there is alot to be seen – especially around the Guadalupe river.

© 2011, Robert D. Barrett, Bob's Blahg

There are places you could go and sit for hours and watch the river and listen to…well; nothing actually. Just the wind, birds, and bugs and watch the reflections in the water dance around.

© 2011, Robert D. Barrett, Bob's Blahg

I miss the quiet where you can hear nothing but the sound of the water rushing over the rocks. No iPods, traffic noise, sirens or hustle and bustle. Just wind and water.

© 2011, Robert D. Barrett, Bob's Blahg

Heave a big sigh as the weekend is over and it’s time to finish the morning coffee and run off to work and earn some gas money for my next little excursion with the camera.

Thank you for stopping by I sincerely appreciate it. Take care of yourselves and find that place where you can go and be quiet for awhile.

Peace, Love, and…well, PEACE,

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