Wind Chair - Naming Your Art Work...

Naming Your Art Work…

I’ve recently encountered a sort of road block when it comes to naming or titling my photographs. I’ve seen exotic names for some quite excellent pieces but when it comes to titling my own work I find myself, well, hindered somewhat.

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Take this photograph for example. I stewed over what to call it for quite some time before calling it “Contemplation”.

One reason to call it “Contemplation” is because I spent a lot of time contemplating what to call it. The other reason is because it appears that there was flooding (tangled roots around both the tree and the chair) and they are both contemplating what they are doing there. Secondly, is a great place to go and sit and listen to the wind and contemplate, well…stuff.

They say that the title of the piece is as important as the piece itself. I agree. But for now I think I’ll just take my time and enjoy taking photographs and worry what to name them later. Any thoughts?

Peace, Love, and What’s in a Name,

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