RBA5041 - Texas Bugs

Texas Bugs

I’ve been living in this house since 2005 and of course you have the usual ‘garden variety’ of bugs (ants, locusts, beetles) crawling around but after a few years we’ve been seeing other ‘pests’ around. The scariest, of course, being a tarantula.

IMG 0061 1 - Texas Bugs
I guess you can stay as long as it’s up there on the wall.

Then more recently I’ve been seeing quite a few, very large, walking sticks(?) – I think Praying Mantis’ are cool but these walking sticks, as I call them are pretty cool as well.

RBA5035 - Texas Bugs
Who you callin’ ugly?
RBA5024 - Texas Bugs
Have I told you I do Cliff Diving?
RBA5041 - Texas Bugs

Just thought I’d share. I’ve seen scorpions and snakes as well but didn’t run in to get the camera yet. Still trying to build up courage for that, LOL.

Peace, Love, and Bug Repellant,

Sigwhite - Texas Bugs

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