© copyright 2011, Robert D. Barrett


I can’t help but feel overwhelmed at times with all I’m in to. I mean with work, blahgging (as I call it), photography, and trying to keep up with things.

© copyright 2011, Robert D. Barrett

Something went wonky with the blog yesterday. I was receiving this error whenever I tried to upload an image to the ‘blahg’. So I googled the error message- found several ideas on how to fix it. I also found that an error had occurred on the last WordPress update so I re-ran that – and it appears to be fixed now. But I have no idea what fixed it.

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I think it’s about time to take a day off and gather myself together and take a load off. I need to read some blogs and learn a few things. I’m going to start putting a bunch in to that there blog roll for ya’ll to go visit.

Thank ya’ll for stopping by – I need to figure out what happened and clean up the media library after several attempts at fixing the problem.

Peace, Love, and Crash and Learn,

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