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I Love Shiney Things…

I was trying to think of what to blog about today and was a little stumped. I see the neighbors are still runinng the sprinkler and turning the tree in their front yard in to an icicle.

© Copyright 2011, Robert D. Barrett
Well, then WordPress decided it couldn’t resize anything I uploaded so I manually resized it and hopefully can get through today – I still owe a post for the 30 day thing – I may be able to manage (I Hope).

Anyway – I discovered I love chrome but I also learned you have to be careful about reflections. I love shiney things- like I think this motorcycle engine (Harley Davidson) is awesome.

© copyright 2011, Robert D. Barrett

However, closer inspection reveals my truck parked next to it and probably me leaning out of it taking this picture. I thought it was funny anyway. I think I’ll be more careful next time.

Peace, Love, and Chrome,

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  • stone

    I saw a neighbor with a sprinkler on his reindeer Christmas light gear, sans lights… Made some reindeer ice sculptures… Now I wish I’d “shot” them… We don’t get ice often…

    in da wind! I miss riding…

  • Bob-O

    Now that’s an idea! Except I don’t think it was getting around freezing at Christmas time around here….didn’t really get cold until now. If I could just make the cat hold still for long enough….lol.. (Kidding, I love animals).

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