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True Grit…

I have to admit that the remake of True Grit was alright. Jeff Bridges is no John Wayne, however, he was a very believable Rooster Cogburn.

I’m fortunate enough to live near where part of the movie was filmed in Granger, Texas.

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I just wanted to share a photograph of the building where “Mattie Ross” had the discussion about horse trading. I think it’s fun to see the place where a movie was filmed and then see how it looks on the big screen.

Of course on the way out to Granger there’s plenty more fields of that grass I love so much, ha-ha.

DSC 3926 7 8 600x399 - True Grit...

Enjoy a good movie for me!

Peace, Love, and Quiet on the Set,

Sigwhite 1 - True Grit...

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  • Amanda

    Just have to say I love your photos – might just about be time for a camera upgrade for me! Your clarity is awesome – what type of camera do you have?

  • Bob-O

    The camera I’ve been using is a Nikon D90. I’ve been a fan of both Canon and Nikon for quite awhile. I’m saving for some more lenses (that is the most expensive part). I think you can get close to the same results with even the lower model DSLR’s (the D60 for example, or one of the Canon Rebel’s). Those are the best to get started with. For a lens I’m currently using a Tamaron 18-250mm zoom. Pretty much covers alot of situations.

    Thank you for the comment!

  • Snerdey

    Granger! I went to middle school in Thrall and spent most of my time in Hutto. Next time I’m in the area I’ll let ya know so you can get out of Dodge .. LOL

    Great article by the way!

  • Bob-O

    That’s great! Actually those grain silos in the previous post were taken around either Thrall or Rockdale? I love driving around the small towns around here. :c) Thank you for the comments!

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