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Cloudy Day Off…

Cloudy days just seems to drag for some reason. I don’t know but I’m a sunny day guy. I didn’t really get any good shots today. Of course I was pretty tied up with chores. But I did manage to hang the camera out the window and watch a grain truck get filled.

DSC 3896 600x398 - Cloudy Day Off...

Well, I’m trying to keep up with the 30 day challenge – where you try to write in your blog every day for 30 days. I’m sure I’ll get better tomorrow – Rainy day or not I plan to actively hunt something down to photograph.

v7n sm - Cloudy Day Off...

Peace, Love, and Raindrops,

Sigwhite 1 - Cloudy Day Off...


  • Cricket

    The grey days always get to me too. I don’t mind the storms, but just overcast and drizzly makes me tired. I am definitely ready for the sunshine coming! Great pic!

  • Laura

    Cool shot and in black & white does it really matter that the sun didn’t shine? I think we all prefer the sunny days.

  • stone

    I appreciate a cloudy day for photography… The subtropical sun in my neck of the woods means that most days, that picture is never going to look good, even if I’m patient enough to shoot 20 or 30 attempts…

    Nice pic… Makes me wonder if importing it into photoshop and adding a tornado wouldn’t give some shawk value… :b

  • Bob-O

    I like the rain – it’s thunder and lightning that get me a little anxious due to a ‘near miss’ incident. Thank you all for your comments!

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