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Christmas in Austin..

I had the opportunity to walk around Zilker Park the other day just to take a break from the job, bills, Christmas stress, etc and just enjoy the birds and taking pictures. The weather so far this winter has been incredibly mild compared to the rest of the country with forcast snow, and just getting over Hurricane Sandy and all.

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I actually feel as though I got some excercise and walked all around the park from the Stevie Ray Vaughn statue (near 1st street and Riverside Dr) on one side —

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To my favorite shiny buildings The Frost Tower and new “USB Flash Drive Looking” Austonian, on the north side of Lady bird Lake.

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On the other side of the lake near where I took this photo of the Austonian building I had to stop and catch my breath and there, laying on a cardboard box in the middle of a patch of grass, was a homeless man.

DSC 6769 600x359 - Christmas in Austin..

I just stood there for a moment and watched joggers and other passers by walk, ride, or jog past. Mostly without even a glance at the man on the grass as if he somehow belonged there.

It gave me time to think, to pause, to reflect – on just how fortunate I was. I mean, I can complain about my bills, cars breaking down, sink clogging, and never enough ‘me’ time to truly relax – but this gentleman had none of that. And in that moment I became truly, truly, thankful for all of my problems and all that I have.

I’m blessed with a great (and extended) family. I have a job. I have bills and when I saw this man I have to say that I am even thankful for those as well. I’m blessed with the luxury of waking up in my nice warm home surrounded by a family that loves me.

So take a moment this season to remember those who have lost everything, especially those in Connecticut and those that lost everything in hurricane Sandy. Pray for those who have little more than a box to sleep on.

Yes, I am truly blessed.

God bless you all and all who stop by for a visit. Merry Christmas and if you don’t celebrate “Christmas” God Bless you anyway.

Peace, Love, and Home,

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