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2012 Fort Worth Alliance Air Show…

I have to say that this year was better than last year because last year, the day I had tickets for, it rained and the show was cancelled. But this year it was just cold (50ish) and cloudy and at least the air show went on!

This year they had even more scheduled! I have to say I have never seen the Canadian Snowbirds Team before. I have to say their show was awesome! Not to mention the Canadian Skyhawks Parachute Team.

Candian Skyhawks 1 © Copyright, 2012, Robert Barrett

The Canadian Skyhawks opened the show with the national anthems from both countries. It was quite inspiring.

Canadian Skyhawks 2 , © copyright 2012, Robert Barrett

I have to say I wish it were a little sunnier as this is the first time I’ve tried to shoot pictures in cloudy conditions. Though I did arrive very early for the photographer tour and obtained some nice early morning shots – I’m still learning and when a shot comes out sometimes I’m thrilled at the discovery.

TANG C130, © copyright 2012, Robert Barrett

I was pretty excited to see that this year there was a C-5A Galaxy. This is one VERY large aircraft.  I was excited to be on a photo tour and was able to get some shots without a crowd around.

C-5A Galaxy, © copyright 2012, Robert Barrett

A group of us photographers wandered up to the cockpit and got a great view of the flightline, however, upon returning to the ground level security was there to ensure we deleted any and all photographs that may have been taken in the cockpit area. I understand – but wish I could have kept the shot of just the steering column with the Galaxy logo on it.

Security, © copyright 2012, Robert Barrett

Watching the pre-show preparations was pretty interesting as well.  Shortly after the “cockpit incident” we watched as the pilots went upstairs – I was thinking they were going up there to make sure we hadn’t touched anything but actually they were getting the aircraft ready for visitors.  In that I mean they fired up the APUs (Auxilliary Power Unit) and opened up the nose and lowered the front ramp.

C5A Nose © copyright 2012, Robert Barrett

Adds new meaning to the term “DRIVE  THROUGH”

Drive Thru, © copyright 2012, Robert Barrett

Open Wide, © copyright 2012, Robert Barrett

I have always loved airshows.  Being a military brat my dad was stationed at Randolph A.F.B. Texas and yes, there were airshows! I have to say that I had forgotten how “Gruelling” they could be.  There was ALOT of walking and I found I believe I may be a little out of shape — but it was worth every minute of it.

I don’t think I can go in to everything here – and this will be a long one – because there is so very, very much to see and do.   Airshows have everything for anyone considering a career or hobby or anything aviation related.  They had everything from vintage WWII aircraft – general (civilian) aviation aircraft – Commercial Aviation (such as Fed Ex and American Airlines) – Simulators, Military recruitors,  Sailplanes, Ultra lights, and I could go on and on.<P>

General Aviation © copyright 2012, Robert Barrett
There is really no better place to be and be able to get up close and personal with aviation.  Not to mention all of the heart stopping thrilling action of the performers.  For instance TORA! TORA! TORA!.

Imagine the date December 7, 1941 – Sunday morning in Hawaii.  Beautiful weather.  Church.  Navy personnel performing their duties.  Just a beautiful quiet Sunday.  And then they came.

Tora, © copyright 2012, Robert Barrett

The sound of aircraft.  Some thought it funny that there would be flying on a Sunday and thought nothing of it until they looked up and saw that the aircraft did not look familiar.  They were foreign. And then the explosions from the harbor.
Pyrotechnics, © copyright 2012, Robert Barrett

 (The Canadian Snowbirds were not in Hawaii at the time, so please bare with me)

The announcer takes you thru what it must have been like to be at Pearl Harbor that day.   Yes, you could watch a documentary on TV – but here you can hear the sounds of authentic Japanese aircraft – the sound of explosions – the smell of smoke – the noise.  Travel back in time and understand that for over 3 hours the attack went on.

© copyright 2012, Robert Barrett

2, 402 people lost their lives and 1,282 wounded, including 68 civilians.  1, 177 were from the Arizona.

© copyright 2012, Robert Barrett

I have to say that listening to the sounds – complete with pyrotechnics, explosions, planes flying and diving all around. It makes you stop and think what we went through that day.

Now on to the Canadian Snowbirds – this was the first time I had seen them perform and I love it. Nine aircraft precision flying and I have to say from a photographers standpoint – they let you hear the pilot calls while they are performing so you can pretty much gauge when they are going to cross in front of you on those opposing fly-bys. When they pilot called “ready – now” I started shooting – and bingo! I got them both in the same frame. I was so happy!

Crossover, © copyright 2012, Robert Barrett

You really have to think fast coming at each other at that rate of speed.

Snowbirds, © copyright 2012, Robert Barrett

There was so much to see and enjoy at the airshow.   It is an all day affair but truly worth it.  I think I’ll make a Flickr album and post alot of the pictures there and place a link to them.  I took over 800 shots.

I really wanted to see the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds.  I’ve been a fan for most of my life starting from the time they flew over our house in Colorado Springs.  At that time they were flying F-100D super sabers.  They were awesome.  I’ve seen them in F-84’s, F-4 phantoms,  and then to save fuel they went to T-38 talons –  and now they are flying the awesome F-16.

Thunderbirds 1. © copyright 2012, Robert Barrett

They put on an awesome show – I only wish the weather was a little better from a photography standpoint.

Mirror, © copyright 2012, Robert Barrett

I’m going to post a few more shots from the show – I hope you enjoyed this longer post.  If you ever get a chance to go see an airshow GO.

Criss-Cross, © copyright 2012, Robert Barrett

Fly By, © Copyright 2012, Robert Barrett

More shots from around the show:

C5 WIng, © Copyright 2012, Robert Barrett

 C-5A Under Wing

Horseman, © copyright 2012, Robert Barrett

Horseman Flight Team

Early Bird B-52, © copyright 2012, Robert Barrett

B-52 Early Morning

B1B , ©copyright 2012, Rober Barrett

Awesome B-1B

Lens Envy, © Copyright 2012, Robert Barrett

I’m Saving For One of These…

Canadian Snowbirds, © copyright 2012, Robert Barrett

One More of the Awesome Canadian Snowbirds

Well, as always thank you for stopping by – I wish I could upload more pictures but I’m going to make an album on Flikr and then put a link in this post for it with the rest of the air show.

Air Show tips:  drink lots of water — bring a portable chair, sunscreen (gonna be a great day) – comfortable shoes (I brought extra socks),  if you’re in to photography bring the charger, extra memory cards and batteries – also I brought a small poncho in case it did rain then my camera wouldn’t suffer, LOL.

Thank you again, God Bless You.

Peace, Love and Avionics,

Sigwhite 1 - 2012 Fort Worth Alliance Air Show...

UPDATE:  As promised here is the link to 200 more images from the air show: Click here for more images of the 2012 Fort Worth Alliance Air Show

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