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I Love Grass…

Well. Maybe not what you were thinking. I love this time of year and I guess it’s because I’ve just sort of noticed it.

DSC 3064 5 6 600x379 - I Love Grass...

I’ve noticed how the grain or grass looks like hair blowing in the wind. It also reminds me of the song “America” or “Oh Beautiful…” for the line about the ‘amber waves of grain’.

DSC 2135 6 7 600x395 - I Love Grass...

I believe it’s the same stuff they roll up and sell for the animals to eat. It just makes me think “American”. I love taking drives out in the country and looking at the old barns and fields and I love old cars as well, but that’s another post.

DSC 1579 600x398 - I Love Grass...

I’m currently participating in a thing called a Blogging Challenge where ya post something every day for thirty days. It’s a challenge – I like photographs so that means a photo a day as well. So wish me luck and enjoy!

The challenge is brought to by my friends at V7 Network.

v7n sm - I Love Grass...

Peace, Love, and Happy Blogging,

Sigwhite 1 - I Love Grass...


  • Cindy

    I love it Bob, and Im mostly a city girl.

    I see this as the beginning of one of those “coffee table books” with the big photos and your fun comments.

    I look forward to seeing and reading more on your blahg.

    PS — I love that these are photos of your January. Im not sure it ever looks like this here… For the “grass” to be like that, the leaves would be brown. NEAT!

  • Bob-O

    Thank you so much Cindy – I live in Central Texas (near Austin) – I guess it’s confused because I noticed the leaves took a long time to fall. Sometimes its 25 degrees and then another day it’ll be 70. I guess Winter is late. Thank you so very much for the wonderful comments!

  • -10

    These photographs are really impressive. I really like the second one, especially, which seems to run onto rural land forever.

    I live in London so I don’t get to see much of this. ^^

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