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Heron After…

I remember when I first received my new Nikon fresh from eBay I had already set my sights on photographs I would like to take.

San Gabriel Park here in Georgetown Texas was home to some Blue Herons that I chased up and down the San Gabriel river trying like crazy to get a good shot of him (her).

DSC 4327 600x398 - Heron After...

They must have razor sharp vision because I couldn’t seem to get within 200 yards of the bird before it startled and took off.

However, I was fortunate on a couple of days when he wasn’t really paying attention to me and I managed to take his photograph.

DSC 4358 600x438 - Heron After...

Birds and Bugs are fun to photograph – especially the more challenging ones. This bird was challenging because they’re so shy – dragonflies are another subject – maybe my next one – that are tricky because they move so fast.

Thanks for stopping by and a special thank you to the bloggers of the 30 Day Bloggers Challenge that pop in. I need to get all their links put in on the right over there.

Peace, Love, and Watch The Birdie,

Sigwhite 1 - Heron After...

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