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Every Rose…

You know? I noticed our rose bush today and decided to try out a new lens on the thing. There are no roses blooming on it at this point, however, I noticed something intrigueing.

DSC 4751 - Every Rose...

The thorns on this thing compare to baby shark teeth! And when I tried to move the vine for a better angle on it, I got bit!

I wonder if it is so the deer won’t eat them and we can enjoy them a little longer? Do women want roses because they know the guys bleed when they pick them?

DSC 4752 600x398 - Every Rose...

Well that will give me something to Google this evening I suppose. Plant protection mechanisms. Cures for Rose Bites, etc.

Peace, Love, and Every Rose Has Its Thorn,

Sigwhite 1 - Every Rose...

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v7n sm - Every Rose...


  • sidney

    Thorns are good for many things. However around here the deer think that roses including the stems and thorns are like the cherry on top of their dessert!

  • Glennette

    “Do women want roses because they know the guys bleed when they pick them?” :o)

    Oh wait, hubby brings me roses all the time so maybe you have it backwards LOL

    Glennette Goodbread
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  • Wendy

    Bob, I liked your pictures! So have you ever been bitten by baby shark teeth? Or has some woman made you bleed? Just curious. Wendy

  • Bob-O

    Thank you Wendy! – Well – I have a puca shell necklace with a shark tooth on it that stabbed me once. And I’ve seen black tip sharks while snorkling but got out quickly. But no other experiences w/sharks. As for women none have made me ‘bleed’ (thank goodness) I try to be nice :c)

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