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Llano Eagle’s Nest…

I haven’t had a chance to visit the nest this winter …I hear the nest has moved. I’m waiting till I can rent or get my hands on a ‘sharper’ lens. – These are my first attempts at it when the nest was closer to the road. The nest was located down Highway 29 toward Llano, Texas.

DSC 0459 600x412 - Llano Eagle's Nest...

These are the best of alot of shots. I was still learning my new camera at the time as well. That’s why the images aren’t as sharp as I would like.

DSC 5736b 600x401 - Llano Eagle's Nest...

I wish this next shot would have been sharp – but in all honesty I had a wonderful time just watching this bird feed his family. I nicknamed the two babies “Orville and Wilbur” after the wright brothers.

DSC 8073E 600x429 - Llano Eagle's Nest...

So alas, my dream is saving up the money for my dream lens – The Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 VRII which runs around a good $2,000.00. I tried to rent one but they want a deposit equal to the amount of the lens so I’m still hunting sources so I can go back out and shoot (with a camera) this bird.

Peace, Love, and Eagle’s Wings,

sig2 - Llano Eagle's Nest...

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v7n sm - Llano Eagle's Nest...


  • Laura

    Bob, Please delete 1st comment and sub this one. Too much vino!

    How awesome! I’ve always wanted to see eagles up close and personal. Would never have guessed what a treat I was in for just for signing up for a blogging challenge! Thank you! Truly spectacular!!!

  • sidney

    Bob, these are amazing! I love them!! When I got my tele-photo lens (not nearly what you want or have), my hubby found it at a pawn shop in Wyoming. Might be worth a look. 🙂 Keep posting these fantastic pictures!!

  • Bob-O

    I hope I got the right one, Laura! Thank you so much for the wonderful comments! I’m learning alot in the challenge as well – I’m just so swamped at times I cannot visit them all.

  • Ted

    Has anyone been to the new nest since the storm came through with the cold front with 50mph winds. I hope it is ok.

  • Bob-O

    I never thought of that- I think I’ll try and run up there. I know the nest is one fine piece of work it would be amazing if it stood up to all the cold and wind.

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