© Copyright 2009, Robert D. Barrett

Hard Drive Space…

Well, I’m behind in the blogging. Partly due to work/home responsibilities and then I’m finding I’m running out of hard drive space for the myriad of photographs (and backups) I take.

© Copyright 2009, Robert D. Barrett

I have 3 in the PC and 4 external drives for back ups but they’re filling up.

Then there is when they go bad.

© copyright 2009, Robert D. Barrett
Alot of money can go in to a computer. (That’s why I photographed and photoshopped my hard drive because I could do little else with it.

© copyright 2010, Robert D. Barrett

It is a very scary pain the rear but then you realize you’ve done a good job of backing up your stuff – so all you have to do is get another drive and put the data back.

© copyright 2009, Robert D. Barrett

So make sure you back your stuff up. Because when your hard drive goes on the rocks there’s little you can do with it (other than that magnet in there you can use for the fridge).

Peace, Love, and Hardware,

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